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🔥 Unleash Chaos: Join the Path of Chaos Overhaul Mod Team for 7 Days to Die! 🔥

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🔥 Embark on a Mythical Journey: Join the Path of Chaos Mod Community for 7 Days to Die! 🔥

Are you a creative soul with a knack for modding, whether it's Advanced XML, Harmony C#, 3D modeling, texture array patching, video editing, UI design, or graphic arts? We're building an epic overhaul mod for 7 Days to Die, and we need YOUR expertise and creativity!

🛠️ We're Searching for:

  • Advanced XML Wizards
  • Harmony C# Maestros
  • 3D Modeling Magicians
  • Texture Array Patching Pros
  • Video Editing Enthusiasts
  • UI Design Visionaries
  • Graphic Arts Creatives

A Glimpse into Our Mythical World - Path of Chaos: Path of Chaos is an extensive overhaul mod currently in development for the beloved 7 Days to Die. But this is more than just a mod; it's a vibrant community, a vision we collectively share for the game's future. We're in no rush – this mod won't see the light of day until after the game goes gold. However, an exhilarating testing period is on the horizon to uncover and perfect every detail.

Our Vision and Ambitions:

  • [Brimstone Biome (formerly Burnt Biome)]
  • Swamp Biome
  • Food Overhaul
  • New Crops
  • Harvestable Trees
  • New Harvestable System for Animals
  • New Zombies, Animals, Bandits, NPCs
  • Workstation Overhauls
  • Complete UI Overhaul
  • New Workstations
  • Complete Rework of the Leveling Experience

But there's more! Our innovative leveling system introduces Attributes, Skills, Techniques, and Knowledge, a fusion of "Learn by Doing" and "Learn by Looting Mixed." And that's just the beginning.

Prepare for Thrilling Additions:

  • A mental health system that can lead to hallucinations when it gets too low.
  • Mystical crystals with elemental properties for mining and alchemical wonders.
  • Biome Bosses are inspired by real-life myths, such as the legendary Yeti (Bigfoot).
  • World bosses, mutated zombies with intelligence, and legendary weapon drops.
  • A revamped medical system that includes viruses, burns, infections, and more.
  • Hidden hybrid skills like "Herbislasim [Medical] and Robotics," unlocking the "Nanorobotics skill tree" for healing and AoE damage.
  • Bleeding damage redesign, now affecting humans and animals, paving the way for a new poison system for the undead.

And these are just the beginning of the ideas we have in store for Path of Chaos!

Join Our Creative Community: This project thrives on fresh ideas from the community. As a team, we encourage new perspectives and continuous evolution.

We make collaboration easy with GitLab, allowing multiple contributors to work seamlessly on different aspects simultaneously.

Send me a DM, and let's embark on this mythical journey together! 🌟

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