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A roguelite 7DTD?

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I was wondering if this is possible, and if people would like it. 

I heard the original idea behind 7DTD was for the player to be infected right from the get-go and giving them 7 days to find a cure or they turn into a zombie. With the game as it is you have no problem: chop tree stumps, or get some money and buy it. But how about this: 


1. Just like in the original verson you have 7 days to find a cure but antibiotics only take care of acute infections. You will still become a zombie if you don't find the proper cure which can only be found randomly in T5 POI loot stashes.

2. When you die or when your 7 days are up you die for good but everything you've done so far will persist: your base, your stash, every change you made to the world map. You just start anew as a level one character who needs to find cooking magazines to learn how to make coffee.


Is that a thing that can be done? Does that sound interesting to anyone?      

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