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How do I create a webtoken for CSMM

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I've seen servers that have the capability to use teleport aliases (e.g., "tp home" or "tp mine")  and I'd like to add this to the hosted server used by me and my friends. I've been told that I need a server manager like RAT or CSMM to do it. Well my hosted 7DTD.net tier XL server claims to have Alloc's Fixes and CSMM support, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to access the CSMM dashboard.

I'm told I need to create a webtoken with permission level 0 to give to CSMM control over my server. Videos I've seen make it seem easy, just hit F1 in game to bring up the coonsole and type "webtokens add TokenName TokenPassword 0" and in the videos this results in a new webtoken being created. When I do it, however, I get "unknown command" from the console.

An alternative I'm told is to use telnet. I'm not at all familiar with that tool, but my Win10 has Microsoft Telnet installed, but I have no idea how to use it to connect to CSMM.

Can anyone more experienced in this help me with this task? Any insights or suggestions are appreciated! Thanks.

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