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drones going to the place where numbers divided by zero go to die


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it has happened to many of us.  Our drone just disappears.  it isnt hurt.  it isnt shut down.

we go to the console.  LE.  NaN NaN NaN.  the drone's numerical coordinates are not numbers (NaN literally means "Not a Number").  it has your medical supplies, some loot, maybe your money, spare ammo.  Or if it hasn't happened to you before now: your level 6 terrain and building tools you keep there so you can have more weapons on your hotbar.

"jd clear" lets you get a new drone deployed.  but you still lost your buddy that had the mods and loot you wanted on it.

can we get a teleport/recover drone command that moves the drone back into the universe?  please?  as a hotfix?

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