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Passing string in XML runtime

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Hi guys, long-time lurker. I've done a bunch of mods over the past couple of weeks but now I'm working on my fishing one, I've hit something of a brick wall.
Simply put, I'm need to access a string value set by my active buff from within items.xml as part of an action (for property="create_item"). 
Now I hoped I could set a cvar as a string rather than a int and simply "@$var", but to no avail. I can't seem to find a way to dynamically set a string variable within the XML?
Would anyone know a way to setup one? Or even better, an alternative that works something like a Dictionary in C#? ATM I just have a random int I'm running a lot of requirements through to select the appropriate string value (or, would if I could set a string anyway).
Thanks in advance.

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