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I have a lot of ideas from playing 7d2d for over 160 hours. I thought it would be really cool to keep the Minecraft type idea but change a couple of things, such as water,electricity,new items,and cool animations. WATER: my idea for water is instead of Minecraft where you can just have a bucket of water and place it down and instantly have a ton of water, it would be cool to have a physics based water thing. For example, take a bucket to the stream and you fill it up and you walk slower because the water is so heavy and you can place it down anywhere on the ground like a block, but a full bucket of water can not be placed in chests. So with a bucket of water when you want to pour it out, the water comes out of the bucket and into a pool and the water evenly spreads itself throughout the pool like in real life but only a little of water comes out so you would have to do it many times to fill a pool. I understand that this would be very tedious and boring so it would also be really cool if there could be a water pump that runs off of gas or powered by a generator to pump water into the pool. One more idea that would be cool is if there could be water tanks to hold water such as 20 buckets. ELECTRICITY: Power would be really cool, but I am sorry to say that, during an interview with the devs, the devs were asked about electricity and they said that would not be happening because it would be too tedious. So I had an idea for the devs that won't be tedious and still be fun. My idea was to have a generator, windmill, solar panel, etc., that powers a certain radius, kind of how claims work. The claim only works to blocks that are in an x amount of range away, so like if you had a generator at your house that runs on gas, which powers objects up to 36 blocks away it would power everything in its range such as lights, doors, gates, and other electricity related stuff. So with that idea it won't be tedious to have electricity and is still a challenge to constantly have to feed it gas. NEW ITEMS: there are so many new item ideas out here in the forums and all them are awesome, but here are my ideas for new items. One of my ideas was to have objects that can not be put into your backpack and also still be destructible. So let's use a couch as an idea. Let's say you can't put couches in your inventory anymore but you want to move the couch so you destroy it and instead of cloth you get a cushion and an arm rest that can be put into your inventory and can also be remade into a couch again. But as soon you hit the craft button and it's done crafting, it drops on the floor as a couch again. But let's say you don't want to do all this work, so it would be awesome if you can push or pull the couch around the room like in real life and you can use it to barricade doors or windows. ANIMATIONS: And finally my favorite: Animations I LOVE animations and it's my favorite thing in a game. It would be really cool if you could hit the action button on a door and see your arm reach out and open the door or if you hold the action button then you open the door slowly and peek through to see if there are any zombies! Like in outlast, if you're familiar with that game. Also other animations such as when you want to move a couch or an object that can't be put into your inventory you can see your hands on the couch pushing or pulling it around the room! Thank you so much for reading my ideas. Hope you enjoyed my ideas of the future of 7 Days to Die!!!
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