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Different unarmed attacks would be nice....


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NOTE: [Some of the more "epic" moves would only be unlocked by reading a book] ________________________________________________________________________________ Besides punching there should be much more unarmed attacks! First off, I think that you should have a "heavy" unarmed attack which would be kicking. If you kick a zombie you could disorient it for a few seconds and knock it back. Also the kicking attack would be the right mouse button! Punching should also be updated. Punching 3 times makes you do an uppercut on the 4th time. And if you punch 3 times then hold down the attack button, you will do a power attack which would be punching with both of your fists at the same time. Punching 2 times and holding down the attack button makes you do an elbow jab. I was also thinking about combining different combinations! For example, if you jump and right click you would do a jumping kick. That would be awesome! Just imagine, running down the road as fast as you can, then you run right up to a zombie and jump up and kick it right in the face, hahaha, yeah! There could also be leg sweeps, round-house kicks, arm breaking, judo throws, etc,
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