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undead behaviours


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Hi dear cool guys,

I am totally new to this game, want to say it is my favourite game now - so I want to thank the devs for making this alpha20 possible. Thank you very much you are awesome !!


One idea came to my mind after playing 75 hours 7days: why not making somehow _slow_ naked Undead throwing their own spoiled meat when fighting?  like it was used to be in old quake days ? Do you know this kind of behaviour ?

I think you are so specialized on Undead - I am sure  you know what I mean but I thought maybe I should mention that kind of behaviour again - I did not find it in 7days - only the police officer spitting green soup. But this is something else I think :D


Thank you for this great game, I enjoy every second. (damned why I did not find that game earlier?)


Why I like this game so much, I add my personal things here, so that you please do not change anything there for future updates :)

+ no boring loading screen

+ endless useful new map creating

+ destroy and enter everything






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