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ShadowLand Server, PvE , Vanilla


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ShadowLand is a 24/7 server hosted by HostHavoc in Chicago. Right now around day 20, it is a basic vanilla set up and will run tell A21 comes out and then switch. Right now one member who plays a lot, mostly in daytime to late afternoon EST and another who does not get much time to play. Shadowland has its own Discord Channel for messages and voice chat. If interested, Discord link is posted below, thank you and have a great day.



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Of course the Discord Link is no longer valid, if anyone is interested they can leave a note and I will send a new invite. The server will stay on A20 tell A21 is dropped.

Then hope the server will load it and remain on it tell A22,,in a year or two,,lol


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Hi! I'd like to test this one! Can you please send a link? I'm in Europe so worried about my ping. If ping is ok - will have more questions. Thanks in advance!

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