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[Linux] What controller api is the linux version of the game using?


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im trying to fix some glitches withe 7 days to die with the controller issues on linux. whenever i try to use the native linux version of 7 days to die with my ps5 controller i get the old scramble controls glitch. analog and triggers axis swapped, all face buttons are mapped wrong, its a common known glitch. I suspect it might be using SDL? ive seen SDL have issues with ps5 controllers. The proton version has no issues with the controller at all. I need to know what the api is so i know how to go about fixing it.



my os is Endeavor OS (arch based)

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Looking deeper into the issue. looks like the api is called "InControl"  a plugin for unity games. and by the look of it, it has its own xinput emulation that is colliding withe steams api. that might be the issue and also why the windows version dosent have this issue. because in the windows version you have a toggle option to DISABLE or enable native controller api and that is missing in the linux version...

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Been losing hair over this one.  For about 30 seconds I had it running nicely and then it reverts back to the messed up controller mapping.

I've tried also removing the hid_playstation module to no avail.

I've added the SDL2 mapping in to the Steam Preferences options for the startup too which still didn't result in a persistent fix :(

Running Ubuntu 22.10

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