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Resolved Physicsbodies.xml Issue


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Hey guys, 


Had a consistent error all day with regards to errors of duplicate physicsbodies.xml on the server and appears as an error on the console and prevents the game from logging you in on the server as you are greeted by a wall of red text. 

Which reads as follows:

2022-10-02T01:07:20 10.461 ERR XML loader: Loading and parsing 'physicsbodies.xml' failed
2022-10-02T01:07:20 10.469 EXC duplicate physics body!


2022-10-02T01:25:19 10.273 ERR XML loader: Loading and parsing 'physicsbodies.xml' failed
2022-10-02T01:25:19 10.283 EXC duplicate physics body!
  at PhysicsBodyLayout.New (System.String _name) [0x0000d] in <5135e30b517b4368a94317ce6e11f1c3>:0 
  at PhysicsBodyLayout.Read (System.Xml.XmlElement _e) [0x00023] in <5135e30b517b4368a94317ce6e11f1c3>:0 
  at PhysicsBodiesFromXml+<Load>d__0.MoveNext () [0x000bd] in <5135e30b517b4368a94317ce6e11f1c3>:0 
  at ThreadManager+<CoroutineWrapperWithExceptionCallback>d__48.MoveNext () [0x00044] in <5135e30b517b4368a94317ce6e11f1c3>:0 
UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine:InvokeMoveNext(IEnumerator, IntPtr)


No mod has been used which would cause this as I have not changed any mods for a full 2 weeks and the server is still running the same ones. 

I tried deleting the physics bodies.xml in the savegame file, still comes up as a duplicate error

The one in the main server folders comes up as an error of missing physicsbodies.xml error


Any suggestions?

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