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Custom Text for "TargetBar" besides Name and HP Value possible?


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	<window name="windowTargetBar" controller="TargetBar" visibility="godmode"> <!-- never,godmode,always -->
		<rect pos="-200,-85" width="400" height="36" visible="{isnotboss}" >
			<sprite depth="1" name="border" color="0,0,0,100" type="sliced" width="400" globalopacity="false"/>
			<filledsprite depth="2" name="BarContent" type="filled" color="200,0,0,180" width="400" fill="{fill}" globalopacity="false"/>
			<label depth="3" name="TextContent" pos="9,-4" font_size="28" color="[white]" justify="left" pivot="topleft" text="{name}:{currentwithmax}" height="30"/>
		<rect pos="-267,-85" width="725" height="25" visible="{isboss}" >
			<!-- <sprite depth="1" name="border" color="0,0,0,180" type="sliced" width="400" globalopacity="false"/> -->
			<sprite pos="60,-45" width="448" depth="1" name="border" color="0,0,0,255" type="sliced"  globalopacity="false"/>
			<filledsprite pos="60,-45" width="448" depth="2" name="BarContent" type="filled" fill="{fill}" globalopacity="false" sprite="ui_game_symbol_twitch_boss_bar_HP" />
			<sprite depth="3" name="Icon" size="84,84" pos="45,-42" pivot="center" sprite="{boss_sprite}" globalopacity="false" />
			<sprite depth="4" name="overlay" width="517" height="84" type="sliced" globalopacity="false" sprite="ui_game_symbol_twitch_boss_bar" />
			<label depth="5" name="TextContent" pos="100,-13" font_size="30" color="[white]" justify="left" pivot="topleft" text="{name}" height="30" effect="Outline8" effect_color="0,0,0,255" effect_distance="2,2"/>
			<label depth="5" name="MinionCount" pos="482,-13" font_size="30" color="[white]" justify="left" pivot="topleft" text="x{minioncount}" height="30" effect="Outline8" effect_color="0,0,0,255" effect_distance="2,2" />

This is the Vanilla TargetBar, it displays The Name of the NPC Target and its HP Value, that i know.


Question: Is there a way or lets say Value that a i can give a Zombie in the "entityclasses.xml" that i can reference in the "TargetBar" so it's Text is also displayed?


for example when looking at the Zombie Arlene:



100/100 HP

*unique custom text*

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