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Fresh wiped server looking for more players. PVP/PVE


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Hey i'm new to the community but have followed 7dtd since it launched on steam. A few months ago I started to host my own server for the game using hosthavoc.com. Yesterday was the first wipe, so the server is fresh on a new map. I also made a custom POI of Nuketown from call of duty, that is on the map as well. There are a few players on regularly already, but It would be awesome to see some newcomers join too. Here is some server info below.


General Server Info:


Server Name: Escape from Navezgane PvP/PvE

Server IP: Port:26940

Last Reset:7/31/22

Next Reset:10/31/22

Server hosting site: https://hosthavoc.com/

Server Location: Chicago, USA

Current Configuration; 

CPU: Highest Priority




Game Configuration:


Map: Juvupe Valley

World Size:6144

Day/Night Cycle:60 Minutes

Loot Abundance:150%

Loot Respawn:Every 3 Hours



PVP Zones:7

Claim Durability:100%

Claim Expiry Time:60 Days

Claim Count:1

Claim Size:80 Blocks

Drop on Death:Backpack Only

Friendly Fire:In PVP Zones 



Mods List:








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