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Needed Overhauls


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Hi, I've been a 7 days to die player since 2015. I've had lots of fun playing this game back then but nowadays I feel like there are some mechanics that need an overhaul. I'm also a game developer, a manager of a team of 5, a 3D designer and I've worked with both Unity and Unreal engine 4 and 5. 


This game is falling behind from the game industry. If a totally new player who has no knowledge about 7 days to die sees this game, they will know the game is old. This game can be enhanced in many ways and has a lot of potential. This game has the potential to be one of the best survival games out there.


The list of overhauls mentioned below are going to be in order, from the most needed to the ones that would make the game better but aren't too necessary. I also through out the explainations will give refrences to different games for a better understanding. 


  • Physics and Combat Overhaul

The reason I've mixed Physics and Combat is because they come together. I understand this is a voxel game and is running on unity however unity has a very good physic system.


Melee: Let me start with an example. I hit a zombie with a sledge hammer, the sledge hammer's animation starts by going from right to left however the force applied to the zombie is perpendicular to what it's meant to be, therefore, the zombie is thrown backwards. I assume the developers of the game have used raycast instead of collision detection for melee weapons which makes it unrealistic. 


Firearm weapons: Guns in this game have good potentials however when two things bring down the immersion and satisfaction of using them in this game. First is when a bullet hits the zombie. A bullet hitting a zombie does not feel real. The zombie either plays an animation (covering their face) or simply doesn't react but only a blood particle effect is shown. Bullet hitting the zombie should include the impact atleast in the animation. The second thing that takes the immersion away is the crosshair. There is no option to disable the crosshair. 


Throwables: Have you ever tried to throw a grenade, a molotove or a pipebomb? It feels so delayed and is not smooth. Compare the throwing mechanism with any other game such as call of duty. You click throw it throws but in this game there is a long delay which is really difficult to calculate the throw. I am not sasying right clickiing to activate the throwable should be removed but the delay when left click is held down or even pressed is too much, it feels laggy like you're throwing a grenade in call of duty with 500 ping. 


Bows: Using bows in this game is very janky. Rust is the best refrence with this game. The delay, the dropdown and everything about bow and arrows in 7 days to die feels off. 



  • Sound Overhaul

Sound can cause so much immersion. The musics in this game are absolutely immersive and amazing, however the quality of sound which can be fixed with an equalizer is not the best. There is also no doppler effect nor the muffled effect when the sound is from far. Let's say a player shoots from a 100 meter away. The sound is just lower in volume but the effect is the same. The best refrence for sound is also the game rust. The sound of a player talking in a voice chat also has no muffled effect nor a proper direction. Also keep in mind Doppler effect and all the effects on the sounding system are already pre-built in Unity so there shouldn't be much issue. 


  • Animation Overhaul

Animations in this game are extremely outdated and I really mean extremely. A zombie falling (Not in ragdol mode), a player hitting a tree with an axe, a player crouch walking, a player running, zombies sprinting and so much more that it will take 3 to 4 lines to name them all. Fixing these animations can add SO MUCH immersion to the game it's unbelievable. Smooth animations are so satisfying that some players such as valorant players spend 40$ on a knife to use the animation for it. It keeps the game alive and give the "cool" vibe to the player. Zombies also can be 10 times more scarier if they had a better animation. Right now zombies don't feel like corpse, they are not weak while walking but them throwing punches do feel weak. They don't dangle while walking and don't have a proper zombie type of walk like Dying Light do. 


  • UI Overhaul 

I have never went towards 7 Days tod die mods but I've recently checked them out and saw the mode Undead Legacy. I'm not a big fan of the menu but WOW the UI in-game was so well done. When I saw that UI I thought to myself how much can a simple UI add to the game. The menu for the default game is amazing but I would rather play with the in-game UI which undead legacy provideds. Also the food, water and XP bars are still not good. UI in this game can make so much difference and change in gameplay. I would also say there should be an option to disable some UI such as the crosshair. 



This game is overall amazing but it's only amazing knowing that there are content updates coming to this game such as the bandits and AI improvements which I've heard of. These are game changing however I'm not a big fan of the new looting system but we'll see how it goes. I just hope that the new update still has the thrill that when your opening a box your hoping for a good loot. This game should not be a wasted potential and should continue to grow in the market because it's still a masterpiece.  

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