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Run And Hide Gamer Series - 7DTD : Every Drop Of Water Can Now Kill You (Youtube series and a short story based off 7DTD)

Sarah Steele

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July 12, 2024...this was the day a zombie virus had broken out across the world. No one knew exactly where it started or how it had started but the growing number of zombies in cities across the world proved that this virus was spreading rapidly.


To escape the zombie virus, I left San Francisco and headed out to sea by boat. I had heard that islands such as Hawaii were free of this virus so this was probably the best option to escape being eaten by a zombie.


Unfortunately, my boat hit an uncharted reef 8 hours later. The sun was just peeking over the horizon and I could see what looked like a large island just off the port side. Had no idea which island this was as the navigation charts did not record an island anywhere within 50 miles of this part of the ocean. 


I swam to the island and rested on the beach to get my breath back. I looked back at my boat just as the bow disappeared below the water. There was little chance of getting anything else from the boat. I checked what I had managed to bring with me. 


Two bottles of mineral water, a few days' supply of food, some bandages and that was pretty much it.


Over to my left, I could see a small lake just off the beach, and, knowing two bottles of mineral water were not going to last long, I walked over to the lake to check the quality of the water. As I approached it I could see a pig had collapsed next to the water.... and then I could smell it. The pig was clearly dead and had been so for several days.


Then I noticed that the water was dark green in color. Something was not right here. This observation was proven to be true when I then noticed a dozen dead fish on the surface of the lake.  


There was something wrong with the water on this island and it was killing the fish. I looked at the 2 bottles of mineral water in my backpack..... how long were those going to keep me alive?





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So I am on an island where something is wrong with the water.... dead fish in the water is never a good sign.


I have 2 bottles of water in my backpack and after I finish that water I do not know if I will be able to drink again. There are no coconut trees on this island that I can see so my prospects of survival are not looking so good.


There is an old wooden house next to me... perhaps there is some water in the taps or perhaps in a fridge in the kitchen..... though the water in the fridge could also be undrinkable. And where does the water in the taps come from? Another much larger lake whose water is so contaminated that every fish in that lake has died.


But the worst was yet to come. 


I searched a shed outside the house and found a woman lying on her face up near the back wall. As I walked closer to her, the woman stood up and turned around, showing me her face.


A zombie !!!




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The zombie had been asleep out the back of the house..... I never knew zombies slept....until now that is.


She had woken and followed me out to the back of the house. A few hours earlier I had heard what sounded like a bear off in the distance. For that reason, I quickly crafted a spear in case the bear happened to find me. Of course, at that time I did not know there were zombies on this island.


As the zombie shuffled toward me I could see that she had once been a nurse. Was there a hospital somewhere on this island? Where had she come from? Were there other zombies in the area?


Sweat gathered above my eyes as the zombie grew closer. If I didn't put the zombie down she was going to put me down. I raised the spear and aimed for her head.... she had been human once and I wanted to make this quick.


It didn't take long. I watched her body as it lay in the grass... checking to make sure she was not alive again. No....too much damage to the head meant this zombie would not get back up again.


I looked around me, checking the distant hills. I wondered how many of them were out there waiting for night to fall.



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  • Sarah Steele changed the title to Run And Hide Gamer Series - 7DTD : Every Drop Of Water Can Now Kill You (Youtube series and a short story based off 7DTD)

In the last episode....


I could see through the gap in the wall where once sat a window that there were a number of zombies on the floor of the kitchen. If I was going to search the house for supplies I needed to get the zombies out of there. 


The zombies could smell the rotting meat in my backpack and I suspect they  could smell me too. Not sure if it was the rotten meat that they were after or were they more interested in me.


Using the spear I killed the zombies again...making sure they did not rise again. The last thing I wanted was a zombie getting up behind me while I was trying to access the house.


Climbing into the kitchen I saw 2 more zombies in a side room and used my spear on them as they shuffled towards me. Wiping the tip of the spear on my trousers,  I checked the rest of the room and was satisfied there were no more undead inside the house. 


I began searching the house, picking up the supplies that I would need to survive the apocalypse. I then noticed that the room was getting darker and that the sun was beginning to set. Where had the day gone?


There was no electricity in the house and the zombies would no doubt arrive during the night and simply climb through the window. I was in deep trouble.


My only chance of surviving the night was to build a crude ladder with the few nails I had found and escape onto the roof.


I had only just managed to climb up on top of the roof when I heard a moaning noise coming from the nearby  trees. I turned my head and looked directly at the tree cover as a group of zombies headed towards the house. 


I quickly ducked my head and watched as over a dozen zombies draw closer, wondering if firstly the zombies would see the ladder going up to the roof, and secondly if those zombies wee able to climb up the ladder. 


If they could climb the ladder I was in deep trouble.




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I knew I was in trouble..... not only was there a sizeable horde of zombies in the street but I could see my food and water was running out. Every drop of water in the rivers and lakes was highly contaminated so I needed to do something about the water quickly.


I noticed the zombie shuffling her way into my temporary house and could hear as she started banging on the walls trying to break in. She could smell the meat I had stashed away inside. With all the noise she was making she was going to bring every zombie within a mile towards me and that would be the end of me.


Clutching the spear, I rushed towards the house to quickly deal with the zombie inside the house before every zombie arrived to make a meal out of me.



The basement of the house was cold and damp and there was a really bad smell down there. Zombie was the first thing that came to mind. I clutched my spear and tried looking in the dark corners. My imagination was running wild.


Then I heard it..... something in the distance shuffling across the dusty floor. The noise was coming from the next room.  I made my way over to the gap in the wall and peered through.... a lone zombie.


As I was about to enter the room and take out the lone zombie, I noticed a second zombie, then a third.... and soon it was clear there were at least six in there. 


And then as one they all turned around and looked at me...some without cheeks, others with strips of skin hanging off their face. And then they screamed at me and charged.



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I had no choice. I had to leave the house and find supplies. I was going to run out of water within days and if that happened I would soon die and become one of these creatures shuffling aimlessly in the street.


I climbed down the ladder from my hiding spot and noticed that all 3 of my spike traps were still intact, through one of the mines was missing. That would have been the explosion I heard during the night when an unfortunate zombie happened to step on the landmine. There was no dead zombie there....had it been able to crawl away?


My primitive weapons and tools kept on breaking. That could turn deadly if I was fighting off a zombie that was trying to kill me when the spear broke.


Also of concern were the birds in the sky... either vultures or buzzards.... or were they the same bird. When the zombie virus first hit the birds would feast on the bodies lying on the ground. Some thought it was in the blood but it resulted in every single bird turning into some sort of flying monster.


The word got out among the survivors..... don't let the birds scratch you. People had started getting ill after a bird scratched them. It wasn't immediate but it was quick. If they didn't get medicine within an hour of getting scratched the birds could infect them. Four infections were linked to the birds.... the warning was clear...don't let either the zombie or the birds scratch you. 



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My back was aching from all of the supplies crammed into my backpack. I had spent the last few hours doing a search of the nearby streets looking for supplies that could help me survive this zombie apocalypse.


Sure the food and water I was finding were great finds but I needed tools and I needed weapons most of all... and obviously, other survivors had been through this area before and taken the best that was on offer.


Not saying that I was not going to find a cookpot and other much-needed items but it seemed pretty obvious that cookpots that had been sitting on kitchen benchtops were long gone. My only hope was to look through every cupboard in the hope of finding that item hidden away from view. Of course, this meant it would take longer to get things done which was not ideal.


But I am ready to take on the challenges. One thing I need to build is a table saw. Those things are not that easy to build and I probably would need to find screws and springs and nails and somehow fashion a blade.


So I search the nearby houses for these items. The very first house I walk into had so many zombies inside it that I was lucky to get out alive. There were landmines all over the place inside and I had to pay attention to where I walked.


The house had a second floor and there was a zombie that had got locked in the bathroom that was smashing the door down. 


Then I saw the thing coming down the stairs towards me and fear went down my spine.



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I needed to do a supply run before the Sun went down as I was running low on food and water. My stomach was rumbling so loud I was afraid that during a supply run the noise would attract a large group of zombies to where I was hiding.


I had managed to grab a lot of useful supplies in my previous runs.... food, water, wood and nails. But for some reason I had not found a cookpot in any of the kitchens I had searched. 


The two story house down the street was different from the rest. Firstly there were a number of landmines in the path leading to the house and the large hole in the wall that was once a window also had a landmine perched on the window sill which was obviously intended to stop any of the undead from crawling into the house.


I walked into the house and first thing that hit me was the strong smell in the air... and then I heard a growl coming from somewhere on the right hand side of the door. 


Clutching my spear in both hands, I moved slowly towards where the growl had come from. a small room just off to the side which looked far too small to be a bedroom or a study.


I had almost reached the door when I saw it...standing there and not moving... a blank look on it's face as whatever was left of it's mind finally registered that I was there.


With another growl, its arm reached out to me...it's grey fingers pointing directly at me...and then it began shuffling towards me.



I had managed to survive three days in this town, despite all the zombies that I had encountered on the street. To be truthful the ones on the street were the less dangerous.... well , hell hounds, wolves, coyotes , bears and vultures being the exception to that rule. Well you know what I mean. In an apocalypse it can be dangerous where ever you are.... which is why you have to sleep with one eye open in case some nightmare somehow managed to find you in the middle of the night. 


I had just spent my third night here and to be truthful I did not get much sleep. Too many zombies out on the streets making those strange moans and occasional shrieks as they wandered down the street. I couldn't help but wander where they were going.


It was 2am and the sun had just peeked up over the horizon. I quickly swallowed a bottle of water to stay hydrated and followed that down with a few handfuls of berries. I had a reasonable amount of food stored away in rubbish bags I had found on the street but I still needed to ration the food and water.


I made my way into the house at the end of the street and made my way from one room to the next, occasionally being surprised by zombies falling from high up in the roof or falling out of cupboards.


What I was not prepared for was the four legged hell hound which was standing in the bathroom. Bright red eyes burning from inside a broken face, the hell hound had not yet noticed me.


I began stepping back slowly, hoping that I wasn't going to step on broken glass that would alert the hound to my presence.



This was not the first time the military plane had flown over. It appeared that they were doing daily drops in areas where they believed survivors were holding out against the zombie menace. Yesterday there had been a drop, the orange spiral of smoke marking where the supply crate was going to land. But yesterday the supply crate had landed in the water off the island and was far beyond reach.


So another drop today in almost the same location....but it appeared to be much closer this time looking at the trail of smoke. Was it possible that the crate had actually landed on solid ground this time? And if it had landed on solid ground were there other survivors in the area who had also heard the plane and even now wee heading towards the drop to open the crate before I did and take the most essential of supplies from it.


There was no doubt in my mind..... I needed to get there before anyone else. I suddenly ducked my head inside as I noticed the rather large looking zombie standing in the garden outside looking up at me..... or was it looking at the 4 menacing vultures doing large circles in the sky above?


This was not going to be an easy day.



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The one thing I hated more than snakes and spiders was the thought that one day I might come face to face with a giant grizzly bear. Unfortunately, that is what happened to me today.


I had found leaflets lying on the street which showed the location of a trader not too far away. It seemed even though the world had gone to hell that there was still an economy of sorts still in place.


Making up my mind to see if the trader had anything I could use, I headed west and soon arrived at a tall structure that looked like a fort. Huge walls around the outside a large iron gate on the one side. Smoke rising from the chimney indicated that there was indeed someone inside.


I noted a small group of zombies on the left was trying to break into the trader. Using one of the many spears I now carried with me I dealt with each zombie one at a time. A shadow flew across the ground and I looked up to see two vultures circling in the sky. 


Not wanting to be attacked by these giant birds, I quickly unlatched the large metal gate and walked into the trader outpost, making sure to close the gate behind me.  There were a number of small buildings in the outpost and I decided to investigate the one on the right from whose chimney the smoke was still rising.


I opened up the door and walked in at the same time as I heard a loud crashing noise coming from the far side of the room. A second later the largest bear I have ever seen broke through the far wall and stood there.... steam coming out of its nose in the cold air of the outpost, looking first at the trader behind the counter and then at me. 

It chose me first and charged.



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The zombies were coming at me from the very beginning.... as soon as I took out one zombie another would take its place. Meanwhile, the noise high above me let me know there were vultures circling above me...each with its beady eye waiting for me to make a mistake.


When I woke up that morning I had watched as a large horde of zombies made its way down the street, heading west towards the trader outpost. Something was attracting them to the outpost and I was hoping that whoever was inside had the sense to not cook meat on an open campfire. That was one sure way to bring a zombie horde down upon you.


I had made my way towards the trader and arrived as a huge bear had broken through the outpost wall. The bear had seen me and chased me out the door but thankfully the door was not wide enough for the bear and it got stuck.


The bear was massive in size and it took a long time to kill it. When I went inside to check on the trader he assured me he was OK... apparently when the bear broke threw the wall it ignored him and went after me. If it hadn't done that he would surely have been killed with no place to go behind the counter.


The trader offered me a job to go to an address in town and bring back the supplies in that house. It sounded simple and I could use the payment. 


How wrong I was.



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