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New server issues


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Hi all I built a brand new server for 7dtd and I have some errors I cannot find answers to by googling...

Errors that I encounter when someone exits the game are:

2022-07-27T22:46:57 207.265 ERR [EOS] [LogEOSAntiCheat - Error] [AntiCheatServer] EOS_AntiCheatServer_ProtectMessage: Failed with invalid user
2022-07-27T22:46:57 207.268 ERR [EOS-ACS] Failed encrypting stream for EOS_0002290dc5dc423fa44940ee66dc82b4: InvalidUser


Also at the start of log there is a warning

2022-07-27T22:43:32 2.644 WRN [EOS] [LogEOSAnalytics - Warning] EOS SDK Analytics disabled for route [1].


Playing on the server local by using the IP works fine!

Using a server monitor app while on carrier network I can see the server and all works fine shows players on server 1 so server is reachable and this all is ok!


One more problem that I got is that the server is no where to be seen in server explorer like that its not online at all or the "search limit" simply cuts me off..

Does anyone have solutions on this issues?


p.s. using server 2019 as OS

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