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Multi-Stage POIs.


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With the upcoming "hazards" that can be turned on/off, and the already-implemented key system, I think a fun idea would be a multi-stage POI using those features to create more diverse quests.


Say, for example, Trader Jen wants to boost a radio signal to get more people to visit her shop. So she sends you to a radio station POI. Your first task is to get to the basement and start up the backup generator. Once that's up, you have to go to the tower and repair a damaged cable. Then finally you have to go to the station's control room and broadcast the signal. Of course, once the power is turned on, several automated speakers turn on that attract zombies so at each 'phase' of the quest zombies reappear to attack you and block your progress. Once all that's done, you return for a reward.


Or perhaps Trader Hugh needs a water tanker filled but the filling station is full of zombies. So he sends you to a waterworks POI. When you get there you find that there's blockage in the pipes from the water tower; your first task is to shut off the water, then enter the pipe and clear the blockage (The blockage is zombies). Then you have to turn water back on, and finally you have to divert it to an auxiliary pipe that fills up the tanker truck. Of course water flooding through rusty, unused pipes is gonna be noisy and lure in zombies from all over, so as you do each part of the quest more zombies wander in to investigate.


Or lastly, Trader Joel wants a load of fuel from a refinery. So he sends you to a refinery POI where you have to activate the backup generator, then turn on the oil pumps to the distilling station, then hold off waves of zombies while the oil gets processed into fuel. Once it reaches a certain level you grab the keys to the tank and return them to Joel for your reward.


The quest variety would be a welcome addition to the current Fetch, Clear, Fetch/Clear, Power, and Buried Supplies options.

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