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EAC Required

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I am sure many people have been posting about this but I could not find a recent query.


I finally got everything set in my server, added the mods, got them into the mod launcher but now every time I attempt to log into my server I get the following:




I made sure EAC was in my folders. made sure it was turned on in steam. 

I have searched the mod launcher but cannot find the check box for EAC anywhere. Please help.

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if you don't want eac enabled on the server, go to serverconfig.xml
find this, and make sur EACEnabled is set to false.
<!-- Other technical settings -->
    <property name="EACEnabled"                        value="false"/>    


if you want eac on the server, you can go to your modded 7d2d folder, and use the 7d7launcher to enable EAC

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