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Error in blockmappings.nim


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My issue involves a mod, but I doubt the mod itself is to blame.

I'm playing Vanilla A20.5, the mod is KHA20-ChickenCoops.

The symptom is console spams this message:

ERR Block on position 2324, 33, 1680 with name 'DFChickenCoopFull' should be parent but it is not! (1)

At that location was a chicken coop that got destroyed. In the game, that location is unusable, as the game thinks something is there.

Using Notepadd++ I found a string containing DFChickenCoopFull in blockmappings.nim.

(I removed everything related to that mod in-game, so there is only the one reference in blockmappings)

I'm guessing that is a compiled file so I can't edit it directly.

Is there any way to console-edit something like this in game? Or does anyone have any other solution?


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I think I fixed the issue. I'll post how, but the reader MUST understand I don't have deep knowledge of this, I just bumbled around till I got something that worked. You might break your game doing this.
First thing I had to do was enable something that is available when creating a POI (map? whatever), anyway it is  the Level Editor.
Make a BACKUP of this file before editing. Exit game First! Search
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Data\Config\XUi\windows.xml
for the entry that looks like:

<button style="press, hover" name="levelTools" tooltip_key="xuiLevelTools" sprite="ui_game_symbol_resource" visible="{is_editmode}" sound="[paging_click]" width="32" height="32" hoverscale="1.25" pivot="left"  collider_scale="1.5"/>

Remove the:


Now in the game F1 to open console, type dm and press Enter to enable debug mode. Press Esc to close the console window.
With crosshairs on problem area press Z key to create a blue selection box. I was not able to directly put box on the area, but pressing Z again expands it. Pressing Backspace removes the blue box. Took me a few times to get an area that included the problem spot.
Equip some block, I used a wood frame.
Then press Esc and on the right should be a window with some editing tools. The edit I made to the windows.xml file enables an icon in the top area called "Level Tools". Click that and at the bottom of the new window is a button "Rnd decorate Sel."
Basically clicking it randomly fills the area with whatever block you are holding. It took a lot of clicks but eventually the problem spot was replaced with frames that I could then pick up.
You will also see a button "Fill Area" that sounds like it would be perfect for this, but it is disabled for whatever reason. What I described above worked for me so I left well enough alone.
Again, I just figured this out bungling around. Do your own research before you do this.

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