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New quest type, save NPC from the death !


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I play on 7 days to die with my wife since a while and I would like to give a idea to the dev team. I'm pretty sure that this idea could be a quite simple but definitively very interesting.

The idea is to add a big "quest" to the game.


How ?


Don’t change anything at the current system but add a new level of quests. This new quest is to save people in specific houses. The different merchants will give position to people hidden in their homes.


The main goal could be to save « all » people from all locations. You have a counter maybe and with this type of quest you must find, visit and do al quest from all merchants of the map.


I think that it can offer new possibilities and a real global objective :
"How many time to save everybody ?"

"Can you save everybody ?"

"Can you survive enough time ?"


Thanks !



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