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Prefabs by Syrienity


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I am a builder for a 7D2D servergroup (Blewbarryfarms.com) which is an 18+ community.  We are constantly adding new POI's - specifically T5 and T6.


DOWNLOAD: https://www.sendbig.com/view-files?Id=98478cf3-2b64-33e5-65e6-73e418b38a67


This pack includes a mix of my smaller older builds, and a couple of my new giant ones:


Atomic: (T1) Testing bombs is hard work.  This town is about to experience a misfortune.


Player Base: (T1) So sorry about the zombie infestation.  Better luck next time.


Bookblasters: (T2)  Pro: This adds extra books to the apocalypse.  Con: The zombies are busy reading them.


Carnival:  (T5) Let's have some fun in this messed up world.  Oh look!  A carnival!  I am totally riding the rollercoaster.


Chad's House: (T1)  Catharsis is building your ex's childhood home and then flooding it with zombies.


Thundercube:  (T5) One group enters... nobody leaves.  NOBODY!!!!  (TRADER PROTECTED FOR YOUR SAFETY)


Flea Market:  (T0) A POI with trader protection to centralize vending machines for your server.  ((Insert funny quip here.))


Haunted House:  (T3) Seen Stephen King's Rose Red, or any other freaky old mansion with undead?  Ya.  This.


Maze: (T3) It is closed for the season, it says.  It is also encased in bedrock to discourage augers...


Subway: (T1) If you only knew the pain in creating this POI.  I wish I could jump in front of the train, but it isn't working.


Temple: (T5) Syrianna Jones and the Temple of Snake Gods.  Hope you have seen the movies.


Blewbarry Farms Trader: (T0) Apparently our trader had a secret in his basement before his untimely demise.


Volcano: (T5) Dungeon Crawler.  Straight up!  Sorry about the maze.  I was bored.  And JUST KEPT GOING.



I am constantly adding new builds to the server.  Please check it out at Blewbarryfarms.com

Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/Syrienity


You are welcome to use the files/prefabs on your personal games or servers.  DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE IN ANY OTHER PACKS.


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