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server tools teleport

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Hello. In server tools there is a command to teleport to coordinates and it works. please help me set up a reverse teleport by command /jailback, I'm not very good at this.

<Custom Trigger="jail" Command=" {SetReturn} {EntityId} ^ tele {EntityId} 1081 -1 2354 ^ {Delay} 3 ^ whisper {PlayerName} теперь вы в тюрме ^" DelayBetweenUses="0" Hidden="false" Reserved="false" Permission="false" Cost="0" />


Enabling will create a CustomCommands.xml in your main installation folder in a ServerTools folder.

Allows custom commands to be used via chat. Example: The player can type /tpmarket and it runs "tele {EOS} 0 -1 5" based on the response the admin has setup.

Separate command response with a ^. Example: tele {EntityId} 10 -1 50 ^ whisper You are now in the market.

A delay in the operation of the response can be done with {Delay} #. Example: tele {EntityId} 10 -1 50 ^ {Delay} 3 ^ whisper {PlayerName} you are now in the market.

Delays between command use are available for the first twenty entries in the list only.

Run a permission check on the player using the command by setting it via the xml file to true or false. Users must be the right permission level in the serveradmin.xml.

Responses in chat can include whisper or global with a message.

Whisper will send it to the player that triggers the command, while global will send the message to the entire server.

{SetReturn} will save the users current location with the trigger name. {Return} 'trigger' will teleport the user to the saved location

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