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Does location, weather, and time of day affect the light level falling on plants?

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I noticed these two tags in the blocks.xml file as part of cropsGrowingMaster:

	<property name="PlantGrowing.LightLevelGrow" value="8"/> default, light required for growing up
	<property name="PlantGrowing.LightLevelStay" value="0"/> default, light required for not dieing off


They are commented out, but there's nothing noting they won't work.  The second one in particular is interesting, because it would have no use at all if light levels don't change; other than preventing players from building over a planted crop and still harvesting it, which is a lot of work to have done considering said players won't be able to replant anyway.


I've also noticed that sometimes when I put plants down areas will be pink instead of green; more often in my underground farming areas relying on lightshafts.  Interestingly, the same plot can be green some times and pink others.  I once built a cabin in the snow biome and noticed all the plants were pink when I had them on the roof, but then often green underground.  I never paid much attention, but now I'm wondering if that means that weather is affecting incoming light (and maybe temperature?) and the farm plots are reacting dynamically.


If this is all true, then using these properties could allow the possibility to have crops react to weather (certain types anyway), which opens up some interesting possibilities.


Does anyone know anything about these values, or how weather, location, etc is interpreted by the game in terms of farming?  The wiki indicates that any block with a straight line to the sky has a light value of 15, but I'm beginning to doubt that.

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I did some limited testing with this.  I set four different crops to decreasing grow and stay values.


	<append xpath="/blocks/block[@name='plantedCorn2']">
		<property name="PlantGrowing.LightLevelGrow" value="14"/>
		<property name="PlantGrowing.LightLevelStay" value="12"/>
	<append xpath="/blocks/block[@name='plantedMushroom2']">
		<property name="PlantGrowing.LightLevelGrow" value="10"/>
		<property name="PlantGrowing.LightLevelStay" value="8"/>
	<append xpath="/blocks/block[@name='plantedYucca2']">
		<property name="PlantGrowing.LightLevelGrow" value="6"/>
		<property name="PlantGrowing.LightLevelStay" value="4"/>
	<append xpath="/blocks/block[@name='plantedGoldenrod2']">
		<property name="PlantGrowing.LightLevelGrow" value="2"/>
		<property name="PlantGrowing.LightLevelStay" value="0"/>


I then started a new game with this mod.  All crops grew normally and harvested normally on a sunny day.


I then set clouds to 1 (though it didn't appear to get cloudy) and rain to 0.5.  Again all crops grew normally and harvested normally.


I then built up some frame shapes around them and placed a layer of glass above them.  Again all crops grew normally and harvested normally.


I then covered that glass with two layers of frame shapes, shaped like railings laying down.  Again all crops grew normally and harvested normally.


So I feel like maybe these properties do nothing, but would welcome other thoughts.

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