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Please bring back the blunderbuss


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Okay, hear me out. I love all the new pipe weapons - I think they're a great addition to the game, they're fun to use, and they're good starter guns that give you a bit of confidence, especially the pipe machine gun (which is maybe a bit overpowered, in fact). But I miss the blunderbuss so much.


The blunderbuss was a rubbish weapon. It was loud as hell, it took forever to reload, and unless you had two or three on your toolbelt at all times, was next to useless, as it was pretty easy to miss with. 


But I miss it so much! The beauty of the blunderbuss was that it gave you confidence. When you'd made your first forge and your first blunderbuss, you finally started feeling like you were making some real progress, and just having an actual firearm on you gave you the confidence you needed to enter that POI you might have otherwise stayed clear of if you were still just repping a stone sledgehammer. It was a great addition to the toolbelt when used in conjunction with a couple of other weapons, and - the absolute best thing about it - was that ammo could be made for it on the fly. Although the pipe weapons are great, you either have to find ammo, or you have to get to the stage where you're crafting it yourself at a workbench, which takes at the absolute minimum unless you're seriously good two in-game days. With the blunderbuss, even though it was horribly inaccurate, ridiculously loud, and nowhere near powerful enough, you could wander around with fifty bullets in your inventory and more being crafted and have a bit of confidence to tackle that POI you'd been avoiding all day.


And most important, the reloading animation and sound was absolutely amazing. I want the pipe shotgun and the blunderbuss. Why remove content? More content is better!


tl;dr I like the pipe weaponry but please bring back the blunderbuss because it was fun to use, you could make ammo on the fly, and it had an awesome animation

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