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New multiplayer search?


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I don't really like it, but maybe it will grow on me.   One thing I'd REALLY like to see though is a way to see and join your previous servers or favorites without doing a search.  It's not very intuitive that you don't even have to type a name or anything to do a search, and you have to do a search to see your recent servers or favorites.  99% of the time I just want to hop on one of the last few servers I played on.  Most of the other multiplayer games like this I play make it so you can just rejoin the last server you were on with a single click.


Also since there are so many memory leaks, the servers I play on restart on an automated schedule.   I can't find a way to 'refresh' to see when a server comes back up after I'm kicked and it restarts.  Doing another search doesn't work as well as it used to.  Sometimes there are two instances in the list and I used to just refresh after a few seconds and one would go away so I knew which one to connect to.  I can't do that now.



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