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Weapon requests


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I would like to request a carbine entering the game as a learnable item to the Gunslinger perk giving it an unique weapon no others can craft

I know it was removed, yet the old Hunting rifle would make an excellent 9Mm carbine.


As for the other perks, a couple of unique ones as well.


For the archery perk the the learn only Chu ko nu (repeating crossbow) and for the advanced version something based on The Cobra RX Adder crossbow.


For the Machine Gunner learn only the something based on the "Stinger" machinegun. Think it would fit even if it be a one on one replica.


For Boomstick something based on the MTs-255-12 revolving shotgun


For Pummel Pete, the morning star


For Skullcrusher, the warhammer 


For Death Eye a weapon based on the Pritchard's airgun firing the buckshot pellets


For Demolition Expert The claymore, directional dmg leaving the surroundings in one piece.


For Javelin Master a pitchfork.


For Deep Cuts, Butchers cleaver to replace the hunting knife and katana for the max unlock


For The Huntsman, add the hunting knife to this one.



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