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Casual/relaxed PVP server, wiped yesterday


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Hi all,
I made a post a while back promoting our server and wanted to create another. We wiped yesterday and are not planning another wipe until a major update or day 1200. We are fairly new to the 7 days to die server hosting but had a pretty successful Rust server a couple of years ago. My wife and I play on the server most nights and want to create a good community.
Radiation Springs PVP|A20|500%|Build Friendly
IP: Port: 26900
Server Features:
XP & Loot Multiplier = 500%
Loot Respawn Days = 1
30 K Stacks
60 Slot Backpack 30 reserve 3 Slot Forge
12 Slot Crafting
5 Teleports (more with VIP in the future)
Shop (Currency earned for time played and zombie/player kills)
Bag drop on death, bar stays. Protected bases
Radiation Springs Rules Rules: PVP is ok, No Base Raiding, 3 land claims, 20 trees max per land claim.
Do not build in or takeover Points of interest. You can build anywhere in the world except on/in POI's.
We are a pretty new server running Alpha 20. We have 40 slots at the moment and just upgraded our server hardware. We are very laid back and friendly. We offer a store and are open to suggestions on store prices/items to help keep things balanced. We use a simple UI mod to make the UI look a bit better, but aren't heavily modded.
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