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Auto Crafting electric machine


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All setting to default, normal loot timer, normal craft timer. Lot of peoples simply turn off craft timer, if they plan built large project. --- Here my suggestion --- Player can craft everything, tools, weapon, ammo, building block, Yucca juice etc. There is Sooooo many thing to craft but only 1 kind item at a time. Like most players im always crafting, when on looting run or traveling etc. After some days or weeks, surviving and have built my first starter base, i plan built a larger fort with high durability costly block. So i need to craft lot of Gravel, then concrete, also lot of wood of all kind, craft 300 wood log spike... at least 15 real time hours, only for the building block. --- Why not add a machine to auto craft the building block or process Gravel or other building block or also maybe ammo? This machine will requires some rare component to be built, electronic circuit found only in dangerous building or thungstein plate. The auto craft machine will need electrricity to work. Each player can built only 1 machine at any time and later can upgrade it to tier 2 or tier 3 for faster craft. Tier 2 and tier 3 will require even more rare mats to be upgraded.
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