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RWG Map - No Mods, Casual Players


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Hello everyone,

I've started up a basic server with no mods for casual players looking for those who like playing alone but also don't mind occasionally teaming up with the odd player every so often.  It was originally meant for me a friend, but figured why not invite others.  Unofficially PvE but settings are hurt strangers only to keep things interesting.  Aside from the usual no toxic stuff/behave yourself rule, I only ask that you not log out in the middle of a blood moon as a courtesy to the player coming in after you; log either after the blood moon is over or a couple hours beforehand to give the next player some time to find cover. 


To join, please send Valgys a friend invite via Steam and I'll pass you the discord info containing the server info; if you prefer not to use discord, I can pm you the info directly as well.


(Day 2 as of this 12/29/2021 post)

Map Details [parameters subject to slight tweaks if needed]:
World Size - 10240m
Difficulty - 3/5
Day Length - 120 real time minutes
Day Light Length - 18 hrs
Everything Drops on Death
Max Animals: 30

Zombie Details:
Zombie Day - Walk
Zombie Night - Run
Feral - Sprint
Blood Moon - Sprint
Blood Moon Count - 8 per player
Blood Moon Frequency - 7 days, +/- 1
Max Zombies at once: 30

100% Zombie/Player damage to blocks


Misc Details:
Loot Respawn: 14 days

Land Claim size: 41
Land Claim Deadzone: 30m (unless a friend)
Land Claim Expiration Offline: 30 days

16x/32x Land claim strength online/offline

Hurt Strangers only 
Air Drop Frequency: 3 days
Bedroll Dead Zone: 25m (+ any sleeper volumes that are touched will not respawn after you clear them out)
Bedroll Expiration Time: 30 days
Shared party kill xp  range: 500m

12 slots

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