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Replace broken workstations at Trader's with ones that take dukes as fuel


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Not 100% sure so maybe someone else can chime in but since the destroyed workstations are essentially a block which appear all throughout the map (not just at the traders) you could do it like this:

1. Create a new block, which is essentially a copy&paste of the desired workstation

2. Edit the trader prefabs and replace all destroyed workstation with the coin operated versions

You would also need to make Casino Coins a fuel source, by appending items.xml, 'casinoCoin' item:


<property name="FuelValue" value="1"/>

However, this might throw up problems - for example, you would be able to use casino coins as you would other items with a 'FuelValue' property. Interestingly 'OldCash' has a FuelValue property

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