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“Hardcore Realism” Suzuki Server


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7 days to die Settings
walk day and night
ferals jog
bloodmoon run
none sprint
90min days
5 times more zombies (may decrease to 3 times for performance)
2 times more damage dealt by zombies
feral sense daytime only
30 day loot respawn
delete all on death
air drop every day and marked
zero deadzones
unlimited offline health
Loot probability drop 10%
5 claim blocks
kill everyone
10K map
Server Name is "SDS 7DTD 1"

Server will start 12/26/21 or late December 25th

More zombies realistic with no sprinting. Hardcore die and loose everything. Zombies hit 2 times harder and there’s 5 times as many! 
This is a pve server first but I never like to make it so player can’t kill other players. 
I have been hosting dedicated servers for small groups since the public release of 7 days to die. I hope to see some new faces as I usually do every new server. I have a discord feel free to reach out to join my Suzuki Servers Discord through DM on steam “Suzuki Love”

To be clear it deletes inventory on death not character 

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