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A20 (b238) - Twitch Integration Help


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Hi there. I was super interested in the additional options which were added to the twitch integration in the A20 update, particularly the option to have bits, channel points, subs, etc trigger events in game. I looked through the twitch_events.xml and tried throwing some options together to test it out such as:

<bit_event event_title="Spawn Grace" event_name="spawn_grace" start_amount="1" end_amount="10" />


<bit_event event_title="Spawn Zombie" event_name="spawn_standard" start_amount="13" end_amount="13"
    safe_allowed="true" cooldown_allowed="true" vote_allowed="true" pimp_pot_add="10" />


<sub_event event_title="New Sub Zombie" event_name="spawn_standard" start_amount="0" end_amount="0"
    safe_allowed="true" cooldown_allowed="true" vote_allowed="true" pimp_pot_add="10" />


<channel_point_event channel_point_title="Spawn Bear" event_title="Spawn Bear" event_name="spawn_bear"
    safe_allowed="false" cooldown_allowed="false" vote_allowed="false" />


I believe that those were set up correctly within the twitch_events.xml but upon trying to use those while playing the game they did not seem to work. A moderator tried running the #redeem_bits command to try and test the event that way, but that did not work either. I am curious if I have done something wrong, but any kind of advice would be appreciated. 

This is a multiplayer server hosted by PingPerfect. I double checked that the correct twitch_events.xml was added and we tested the commands during normal cooldown settings and with the cooldowns disabled. Normal twitch integration commands are working fine, just none of the custom events listed in twitch_events.xml. 

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