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Move save (character) to offline


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I started playing online but now I want to go offline. Everything works by itself but when I continue after online it treats me like a new player (so like day 1 on the same map).

Seems like online and offline saves are separated.

Is it possible to move my character to offline?

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I had this issue and was able to transfer my character to offline by finding the online save file and replacing the offline save with a copy of it. 

Here is what I had to do: 
1.) Go to C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\Saves\<map name>\<game name>\Player\

2.) Each character consists of 3 files: A .map file, a .ttp file, and a .bak file. If you have only played online, there will only be the 3 files there, but if you have played both offline and online there will be 2 sets of 3 files. To transfer a online character to offline, start the game once while offline to see what file name it gives your offline character. 

3.) My online character files were all named "EOS_<the same 32 characters>" and my offline ones were all named "Steam_<the same 17 numbers>".  I copied the name of the offline character, made copies of all 3 online character files, and renamed them to the offline file name. 

4.) Your offline character is a *different person*, so you probably want to make sure you unlock all chests you want them to be able to open and put your vehicles in your inventory before doing the transfer (so, ideally, you have some online time to prepare). Once you transfer, only play offline for consistency. When one of them is playing, time doesn't pass for the other. 


Hope this helps!

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