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Inventory controls


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I very frequently use the inventory sorting button, and the button that moves items to fill stacks on first click and move extra items on second click button.  There are too many items in the game to store all of a type in a storage box, so I usually want to quickly move the items I've gathered questing into 4-5 storage boxes when I come back from questing.  Having a hotkey for these options would be welcome.


Even better than a hotkey would be using the mouse middle button click.  Click the middle button on an inventory (or container inventory) to sort it.  Shift+MiddleButton could fill stacks and the second Shift+MiddleButton would move other items that are in the container.


On a similar note, I would LOVE it if forge input slots would be treated like an inventory in that you could fill up/move stacks using Shift+Click instead of having to drag and drop.

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