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Suggestions to improve gameplay, V21 and onwards


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So, just saw the A20 changelog and it is both expansive and impressive, but there are a variety of suggestions I have, that aren't listed in the changelog, so I feel its safe to suggest them. And as the game has severely improved in a lot of areas that I didn't think would ever get an overhaul (ie Random Gen), I think that these might be doable after all. The endgame is where most of my suggestions are aimed at improving, as the early game and mid game are already pretty darn good, made better by A20.


If someone else had made these suggestions in the past, then I guess great minds think alike. If posting suggestions in a large group isn't desired, then I apologize in advance (I can break it apart if that is desired). Anywho:


1] 4th Tier Weapons (or is it 5th?):

=> A special tier of gun that is an advanced prototype. Something that wasn't into production yet, before the zombie apocalypse occurred. So, you can only find it in special, specific POIs, to help encourage the player to visit these POIs. Naturally, try to keep them semi-realistic, with technologies that have been tried out today in some form. Some examples:

-> The Obliterator [Automatic Rifle] = An infantry-grade autocannon. Uses the auto-loading function of some modern battle tanks, and various stablization and recoil compensation techniques of large rifles and machine guns, to create a 20mm autocannon capable of shredding opponents, without shattering the limbs of the one firing it. 

-> The Penetrator [Sniper Rifle] = A special barrett .50 cal sniper rifle, augmented with railgun technology, to allow it to penetrate multiple targets, walls, and provide excellent accuracy and damage at extreme ranges. After each shot, you must let the rails cool, as pushing a round up to Mach 9, builds up a lot of heat and that heat has to go somewhere. 

-> The Devastator [Rocket Launcher] = There was a game called Duke 3D with a gun of the same name. It used an old US military prototype idea called "microjets", which were essentially, very small rockets (like 13mm vs the 35+mm standard) that could be fired at high speed and could fire a lot of them quickly. So this would function like a combination of rocket launcher, and machine gun. 

-> The Eviscerator [Twohand Blade] = A chainsword. Combining a chainsaw rotary motion, with the length and stability of a long blade. 


=> Could also do the same with advanced prototypes for armor or other items too. I do seem to recall (but cannot find the source anymore) that the US army worked on an actual suit of power armor in the 70s/80s, but eventually abandoned the idea because of power supply problems.




2] Bunker Building Improvements:

=> Have the ability to build noise-proofing, either in terms of walls of multiple thickness or exterior upgrades (like many youtubers/sound designers use to deaden sound). Why? Well then you could effectively work or move around inside your bunker without attracting hordes of zombies or even survive a blood moon because they can't find you. The whole idea of bunkers for me, is to allow a group of survivors to outlast the zombie apocalypse by eating and drinking stored up supplies. But... if a zombie can hear you in your bunker, they'll come straight to your entrance... or dig through your ceiling to get to you. Having the ability to sound-proof your base would really help a lot, but you could make it very expensive to do in terms of resources. ie You might need a ton of plastics, acids, and military fibers to create the sound-proofing. 


=> Powered doors/latches = Hit a button or a lever to open a big, sturdy object for you. Examples could be:

-> A garage door, for safely storing your vehicles when not in use.

-> An automatic door that opens and closes as you approach... like those doors in super markets like Walmart. 

-> An automatic trapdoor/hatch that pops open. Extra points if the top of the hatch is camoflauged so that others don't notice it immediately. 

-> An emergency bulkhead, that opens or closes quickly or slowly, depending on its size/weight/hp. Like those used in aircraft carriers to contain breaches. 


=> Advanced equipment to be stored away. Likely needing power to run. Things like:

-> A 3D Printer/Fabricator for producing items faster and hands free. Something like the thing in Subterrain (game)

-> An automatic kitchen that prepares food for you. Something like the thing in the bunker, in Wild Eight (game). 

-> A nuclear reactor, with hot salt coolant (so not a CANDU style, but the more modern way of doing nuclear fission). Provides all your power needs likely, but you need to mine and handle uranium in a full hazmat suit to avoid longterm radiation related debuffs, and you'd have to build lead walls to contain most of the radiation put off by the reactor. 

-> A repair bench that allows you to repair objects without using repair kits. 

-> UV Growlights, to grow crops underground, without access to sunlight. Possibly also have water tubing and sprinkler systems to provide the necessary hydration to plants as well. Then have a way to install robotic arms to automatically harvest the plants and replant them, so that you can leave the bunker, grow crops and harvest/store them, so that when you return there is food waiting for you. 

-> Elevators to quickly you get to the surface or to a lower section of your base/mine. Could have vertical, horizontal, and inclined elevators, with different weight loads and speeds. 

-> Automatic drills that can be placed on an ore deposit, to produce more ore than you would gain by mining it by hand, but it takes longer to mine. Can pickup and place elsewhere as well. 

-> Lighting that is unaffected by surface conditions or time of day. Really annoying having my well lit bunker get darker on a blood moon. 

-> Perhaps even large boring/mining vehicles to quickly dig down and remove rock and other materials, to make building bunkers less tedious, or for expanding tunnels or the like.


=> Other bunker improvements:

-> Structural walls that are highly resistant to zombie claw damage, and thus they prefer to find a different path than trying to dig through it. Would make killboxes and long defensive tunnels useful. 

-> Stationary weapon platforms, for things like heavy snipers or heavy machine guns, that would be too heavy/recoil insane to try to use by freehand. 

-> Steel grates or chainlink fence that is placeable. Stuff that you can shoot through, but avoid getting clawed by zombies.

-> Placeable ammo boxes that you store only ammo in, and allows you to quickly interact with it to take a stack of ammo associated with your gun from its contents, without having to open up the container. Would make it a lot easier to defend a spot, when you run out of ammo, as container interactions in blood moon conditions usually results in me dying. 




3] Findable Vehicles:

=> Perhaps in these old military installations we might find an APC, or a Light Tank, or even a Modern Battle Tank. They'd likely need to be repaired, refueled, and rearmed, but then they could provide a safer way to handle blood moon hordes in the late game. But maintaining these vehicles would be costly and repairing them would require special parts that repair kits couldn't provide. 

=> Additionally, you might find prebuilt/broken standard vehicles, like the 4x4, perhaps in isolated POIs, or in garages. This way you wouldn't need to build them yourself, which requires a lot of resources, a lot of intelligence/intellect, and a lot of invested points into mechanic skill to do so. 

=> Perhaps even have the option to find flyable vehicles, such as standard helicopters, transport helicopters, gunships, or even an advanced VTOL capable aircraft. 




4] A more advanced Weapon Modding system:

=> Something more akin to Army of Two, wherein a gun is made up of several parts and you can place a mod on each part. So instead of a t6 Hunting Rifle having only 4 mods, it could have say a mod for each part of the rifle. 

=> How something like this might work is the quality of the weapon determines the bonuses of the mods applied. So a foregrip on a T1 AK47 and on a T6 AK47, would have different mechanical stats, with the best on the T6. 

=> This system would also allow more variety in weapon modding, such as having an extended barrel and a muzzle break (which currently you can't do). Or having a flashlight and a red dot attachment, because conceivably they would be placed on different parts of a firearm. 

=> This system could also be used to modify the mods themselves. So, some examples of that:

-> Flashlight = Use a standard bulb, a LED bulb, or a IR (infrared)-light bulb. The LED would be significantly brighter and illuminate farther, but the IR-light could be used to spot things like trip wires, laser beams, or slumbering zombies, without alerting them with a normal flashlight illumination. 

-> Scopes = Change the crosshair, the lens color, and the scope variables. Scope variables could be like changing a 4x scope to an ACOG scope, or a red dot sight to a holographic sight, or a 8x scope to a variable option with 2x, 4x, and 8x magnification options changed on demand. 




5] Zombie Research:

=> This could work in several different ways, such as the bioshock method (use a camera to document zombies), the prey method (use a psyscoscope to observe then for a period of time), or performing autoposies/biopsies on zombies and then analyzing the samples in a biochemistry lab. 

=> This research could unlock information on weaknesses/strengths, allow you to craft specific new items, maybe unlock genetic engineering that can be used to grow crops/augment yourself, or even unlock a cure for the zombie plague. 

=> This would significantly improve the lategame play, and give you goals to accomplish other than merely staying alive. 




6] Creating a Settlement:

=> You could do this in one of three ways I suppose. 1] Buy slaves from a Traitor Joes, 2] Enslave bandits, or 3] Save people from Bandits / Free slaves.

=> You could then lead them back to your settlement and then give them jobs, based on random skills they may possess. So you could get someone to do farming for you, so that you don't have to take the perks and they would automatically do the job of planting and harvesting for you. Or maybe assign someone the role of harvesting resources. Or guard duty. 




All I got for now. If I think of something else, I'll edit this post. Cheers! 

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