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Bandit Loot

Lord Morphleyes

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Here is what I would like to see in A21when Bandits are added.  


Every Bandit should drop a loot bag, but most of what they have should be crap.   

They are people like you who have collected stuff, made grass shirts and are carrying around a sham sandwich hoping that they never get hungry enough to eat it.   So the loot table should have a wide variety but each bandit may only have a few things items.  


The loot bags should disappear quickly while other living bandits are around and stay longer once all bandits are dead

Bandits are totally going to take whatever he can of his dead comrades. But if there are no other bandits left alive, there should be loot. 


Bandits should have the weapons and some ammo of whatever they used against you

If bandits are shooting me with arrows then I should find a at least a few arrows and a crappy bow, if their buddies didn't loot it first that is.   


Bandits loot should scale with Bandit difficulty

I should have a point in the game where I wouldn't even bother looting one type of bandits but truly look forward to surviving a row with another type of bandits so I can search their better equipped corpses.  Until finally I might only bother looting the bandit boss, because she/he may have a legendary sniper rifle that is better than mine.  


Just my $0.02, Its dumb and immersion breaking to kill an NPC that is using a  weapon than you and not be able to recover it, even if its garbage.  And, it is awesome to survive a difficult encounter against a better equipped NPC and be rewarded with their better equipment.  


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