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Choose your quality level

Lord Morphleyes

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It would be nice to have the option to reduce the quality of an item I make.  As it is now, you can only make the highest quality item you have unlocked.  Maxed out 69'er and all you can make is tier 5 tools. 



I dont want to waste my early game resources making a tier 5 hammer to be eaten by my workbench recipe.

I want to make an M-60 with the schematic I just found but can afford the amount of steel and parts for a tier 4. 


Counter point

If you could make a weaker gun then why would you make a quality 5 gun? Just spam Quality 1 guns until you get the stats you want.    

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So the spam crafting level one guns wouldn't work as well as intended as there are caps for each stat based on the level. also, just a 10% increase in damage in general with each step of the tier. But I agree on the Resource saving this would be nice to build lower-level equipment for recipes and what not.

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