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Oroville 300% Easy PVE (Wiped 11-10) [North America]


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Welcome to Oroville


Oroville is a new 40 person dedicated server awaiting to welcome you into our friendly and helpful community!  We use server side mods to enhance the survival experience.  This is a very active server.


In the land of Oroville, you'll meet some interesting, yet really dumb and easy zombies.  For some reason, during bloodmoons they do like to whip out their PhDs!  We use the following mods in our community


Botman Manager

30k Stacks

Craft Spikes

Dough's Sous Chef of the Apocalypse

Dough's You've Got Mail

Dyes Expanded

More Woodshapes

Faster Bellows

Respawning Vehicles and Boulders

Craftable Doors

Lam's Nailgun

10x Crafting Queue

Riles HUD

Snufkin Weapons Xpansion

Working Stoves and Faucets

Tier 6 Crafting


We also give away custom free things now and then just for being online :).  In addition, we have several VIP Tiers if you become interested in becoming a donor (though completely not necessary to play and enjoy)


Build Anywhere you want and have fantastic time. That's most important in Oroville.


Join our Discord at https://discord.com/invite/JRkdr5Uzcw


Server Info:


Port: 26915


Thanks for reading, take care and may all your hits be crits!

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