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Show ingame time before choosing to log onto server


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I just logged onto a server, it sounded nice and seems nice, but it was 19.00 when I logged on, so I only played until about 20.30, then I logged off, deciding to come back the next morning, because 90 in-game minutes (what's that in realtime? 8 minutes?) simply isn't enough to get established at anything. Actually, the ideal is that if I find a server that sounds nice, there should be an option to "alert me via sound when the zombie-slow down morning time arrives", then I alt+tab out of the game and do other things on my computer, until the game client alerts me via sound, then I log onto the server I want to explore and - [I]voila[/I] - it's 7.15 or 7.30 or whenever it is that it's safe to futz around as a new arrival with no gear whatsoever, and I have an entire day's length to either establish myself or else negotiate lodging with some already-established player or team.
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