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Halloween Party 2021


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We have just published new MOD that is Halloween Party 2021.
This is SERVER SIDE MOD ONLY and you can download it from here.


・Added Special Halloween Weapons
・Added Night time Zombies
・Added Twitch Commands and more...


We confirmed that Mod is working with A19.6.
We are now working to develop other Mods such as Apocalypse Now Mod and Darkness Falls MOD.


Some of items are still experimental version and it is  now only available our public server. Please join our Discord server to get the server information.

Support is available on our Discord server. Happy Halloween!

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Hi, Thank you for downloading our mods!

Unfortunately that counter is added for unlocking new item purpose. We will consider to develop leader board in future updates!

Currently we are opening trial server with experimental version for this mod. Please feel free join and play with us. for more detail go to Discord. Thanks, 

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