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LittleMonstersTV - MOAR Ramps


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Quick Info

  • Updated for 7DTD v19.6
  • This is a small XML Modlet
  • This Modlet is Server-side - install it for your personal SP game or install on your server
  • Extract and place in your Mods folder



This mod allows you to craft 4 ramp blocks that form a 1 block incline (compared to vanilla's Ramp and Tip & Wedge blocks).  Your vehicles will thank you! ;)
All 4 blocks have been added to the Wood Frames helper block and you can craft a cement version from your workbench.



  • Here you can see that it takes 4 ramp blocks to go up 1 full block.



  • These ramps create the perfect incline for vehicles.



  • The 4 ramp blocks have been added to your Wood Frames block.



  • You can craft a concrete version and change the shape to any one of the 4 ramp pieces for faster building.






  • If you would like to show your support you can drop by my Twitch channel here: LittleMonstersTV
  • If you would like to make a small donation you can do so here: Paypal
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