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LordKetchi - 7D2D and other stuffs


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Hi my name's JJ, I'm currently 22 yrs young, from Germany and recently picked up streaming again.

I'm doing all kinds of stuff, but plan on doing a lot of 7 Days. Kinda Nooby tbh, but I'm having fun nonetheless!

My Streams are in German, since that's my native language (Tho german.exe stops working a lot haha).
Since I'm a die hard Metalhead since I'm 9 yrs young, my streams are mostly complemented by Extreme Metal (Mostly Death and Core).
I'm kinda cynical and curse a lot sooooo you better be legally adult.

What else? I tend to talk in a weird fake dialect (A mix of Schwäbisch, Bavarian, Northern German and Berlin dialect) even tho I don't rly speak a single dialect besides "Hochdeutsch", I'm completely lost, all the time. I have the twitch integration thing going... I think that's the important stuff...

My quality is ok w/ a tendency to below average, but I'll try improving along the line.

U can watch the sh*t show at https://www.twitch.tv/lordketchi

Looking forward to y'all


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