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Hunger and Thirst Items / Decorations


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I feel like there is way too few food and drink items in the game right now, decorations as well.

For starters, you could add a few types of fruit trees, for example, cherry, apple, pear and peach.
Adding these could be a great base to add new food and drink recipes with different buffs or just a bit useful for new world starts.

Having them available early in the game would make it a bit easier to manage food and hunger until people get further into the game where they can eventually,
craft better food and drink items to keep their characters sustained. 

Another thing, would be useful for example, having a "juicer" as a tool for making juice from the fruits.
Later on in the game, having actually functioning craftable ovens, instead of campfires for players to create their food recipes using electricity instead of wood and coal which is usful for many other recipes.

I have a lot more ideas, but I am hoping to get some talk on this topic going for now.

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