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My Journey In 7 Days To Die World...


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Hello Everyone!


I'm new in Youtube, my channel have only few subscribers but it's not about that... I just started a new series where I'm playing vanilla version of the game!


If you like my videos please leave a like and subscribe a channel for future videos!


Here is my Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCChiuJRr64f8UmAqPXXotYw


Episode 1:  



Episode 2: 



Episode 3:



Episode 4: 



Episode 5: 



Episode 6:



Episode 7:



Episode 8:



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Hello Everyone! 


This Is My New Episode! In This Episode I'm Preparing For My Third Horde Night! Hope You Guys Like It!


Also Help Me Reach My First 100 Subs! Leave A Comment Bellow To Say What I'm Doing Wrong Or What You Want To See In The Next Episodes!



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