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Broken Icons


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I just got Sous Chef yesterday and I have noticed that many things in that mod don't have icons and are blank. Is there going to be a review of this so those items can be updated? Fried Mushrooms, Mushroom Pie, Berry Tea, Iced Mixed Tea, Iced Coffee, Yucca Chips, Hashbrown, Mashed Potato, Corn Grits, Blueberry Jam, Yucca Jam, Egg Salad, Fried Meat, Corn Chips, Blueberry Jam Sandwich, Yucca Jam Sandwich, Coffee Cake, Meat and Beer Pie, Fried Egg, French Toast, Honey Glazed Meat, Blueberry Soda, Kvass Soda, Carbonated Water, Distilled Vodka, Snowberry Gin, Sugar Extract, Rock Candy, Blueberry Candy, Snowberry Candy, Plain Fudge, Energy Tablet, Sponge Cake, Blueberry Sponge Cake, Yucca Sponge Cake, and Custard Pie.

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