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Claim Decay Rats


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I was thinking about what happens on a dedicated server when a player puts down a land claim and then stops coming back to the game, how it decays.  It seems to me that it is too easy and somewhat boring at times for another player to go in there and scavenge what the previous player left.  Maybe when a land claim decays to a certain point, special decay rats could spawn in the claim zone.  There would be a random number of them and they would appear on any actionable surfaces within the zone.  They would have a still sleeper form.  When a player would approach, they would awaken similar to how sleeper zombies do.  Decay rats could have two modes of operation, Scramble and Scurry, and then Attack.  If they are in Scramble and Scurry mode, they would just move and dodge around within the claim zone.  With Attack, like it says they would attempt to take a bite out of the player or players who have disturbed the zone.  Decay rats probably should do only a little damage, be the size of a chicken or so, but have a chance at transmitting Infection.  I think decay rats should have very little hp, maybe similar to a chicken or slightly more.  They should have a default value in Meat of about 5 (half a rabbit or chicken).

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