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Nightshade Servers - PVE - Custom Maps, Mods, and Prefabs - Varied Difficulty


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Nightshade Servers


Discord: https://discord.gg/j5h4Vdv


We are a diverse, friendly community that work toward expanding the gameplay of 7 Days in the form of Events, Custom Prefabs, Custom Maps, and Custom Mods. Many of these mods, called NSTech, and prefabs can only be found on our servers. And Wildemount, our HARD MODE and experimental server, is set to a custom, island setting for our players to explore with more obstacles and challenges to overcome.


Nightshade also provides servers for Conan, Valheim, and Miscreated as well as meets for other games like Phasmophobia and AmongUs, so you're never without your community when you want to game. And we have a dedicated staff that's there when you need us. 




Server Name: Nightshade Servers | Athens | PVE


Direct Connect: steam://connect/

Live map:

Server Settings:

-Nomad Difficulty (Medium) (3)

-150 Loot Abundance (Loot Respawns every 7 in game days)

-200 XP Multiplier

-x4 LCB Maximum, 51x51 LCB Size

-Drop Nothing on Death 

-Radiation Zones with added difficulty





Nightshade Servers | Wildemount | INSANITY | PVE  


Direct Connect: steam://connect/


Server Settings:

- NIGHTMARE Difficulty (HARD MODE) (5)

-150 Loot Abundance (Loot Respawns every 7 in game days)

-200 XP Multiplier

-x4 LCB Maximum, 51x51 LCB Size

-Drop Nothing on Death

- RANDOM Horde Nights

-Headshot Mod for better damage

- Zombies Run at NIGHTMARE at NIGHT

-Radiation Zones with added difficulty

-Custom Map, Custom Prefabs



SERVER MODS (No Download Required)
Nightshade Technologies (NSTech)
-Our own exclusive modlet that includes: Weapons, Armor, Vehicles, and More. Search NSTech in the crafting menu for a whole list of them.
Nightshade Technologies Builders Kit
-An assortment of new shapes to the Wood Frame Block, upgradable to steel.
Nightshade Technologies Bulletproof Glass Kit
-NSTech Bulletproof Glass Kit. A selection of Bulletproof Glass FRAME Blocks, upgradable with WOOD. Yes WOOD, cause magic... NSTech Bulletproof Glass look exactly like regular glass blocks, but with the strength of Bulletproof Glass.
Furniture and Lights Mod
-A combination of varies mods such as PhD Lights, Working Appliances, Furniture Blocks, and some of our own NSTech additions.
Nightshade's Assortment of Dyes
-Our own custom modlet that adds 84 Dyes new dyes to the game!
Misc. Recipes
-Our own custom modlet that adds recipes for Mechanical Parts, Springs, and Rotten Flesh
NSTech Extended Storage Containers and Vending Machines
-Expands the Storage Container blocks to more then just boxes! You can now use those store shelves, weapon racks, coffee machines, trash cans, and more, as your storage containers!
-The same concept was applied to the Player Vending Machines!
Nightshade Technologies - Prestige Levels
-Extends the Max Player Level to 1000!
-Adds Prestige Levels (1-8) after level 300.
Each level provides a 8% reduction in craft and smelting time!
NSTech Custom Zombies!
-We have added our own custom zombies to the game. You likely won't encounter them unless your gamestage is above 200.
-We also feature a few new zombies from other modders!
blitz18's Bearable Auger Sounds
-Removes the Annoying Auger digging sound.
GammaBlarger's Vehicle Seats
-Adds additional vehicle seats to vehicles.
Stallionsden's Stack Size Increaser
-Increases the stack sizes for most items.
Nightshade Headshot Mod
-Wildemount Server, increased Headshot damage along with a Headshot Notifier.
-Athens Server, Headshot Notifier Only.
Custom Traders 
- Additional traders have been added to the game, based off our beloved Admin Staff!
- Some have their own custom trader locations
- There's a wandering azuremew and Tuna in the world. Buy from them or receive custom quests.  
Botman Server Manager
-Last but not least, BOTMAN!


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