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Counterfeit Dukes/Fraudster perk


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I got this idea from one of Rekt's dialogue lines of "I hope you are bringing some of that fake money in here" or something (I don't remember exact words). So here's my idea:


Using the forge, you can create fake dukes (maybe using iron and brass? Or lead and brass). There is a base chance, let's just use 50% for sake of numbers, that you get caught when you use these at a trader. If you get caught, you get kicked out of the trader (a la the trader closing) for the rest of the day. When the trader opens normally the next morning, the prices will be increased for selling to you, and buy prices will either be significantly reduced or the trader will refuse to buy from you. This will last for an amount of time (i.e. a week) before you "regain their trust" in a sense. However, get caught too many times and word will get around to all traders, and all prices will be increased at all of the traders.


With counterfeiting dukes comes a new perk! Fraudster! This would probably be under Intelligence, and each level increases the chance you won't get caught, or possibly the "quality" of the fake dukes you make, which would do the same.

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