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Some useful game upgrades


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1. Start the game by pressing any key.


In fact: loading takes a long time. When the player starts the game, he should sit and wait for the download.
There is no way to leave the computer and, for example, make tea. Because after loading the game starts immediately and
the character can be eaten by zombies. 


2. Add common corpses with zombie textures.


These will be common corpses. They will look like zombies, lie like zombies and be in places where there are zombies.
But these will be common corpses from which you can only get a little rotten meat.
A great thing to confuse players, especially in stealth.


3. Add information about broken armor to GUI.


The window  with dressed armor is not most visited place. From time to time, players walk around with broken armor without knowing it.
It will be nice if information about broken armor is displayed in the general GUI.

4. Small bonuses if the player spent the night 100% in the game.


This innovation is exclusively for online players. When playing offline, the night is an unavoidable part of the game mechanics. But not online.
Many players dodge the night playing on the server. Or, playing at night, they leave the server when it becomes dangerous.
In general, it would be nice to add a condition that encourages online players to fully play the game mechanics.
For common night spent on 100% : 10% bonus to loot until the next morning. Justify. For the player who is busy with building base, surviving the night is not a problem,
at the same time, the bonus to loot during construction is useless. But if a person is looking for prey, then the night becomes a problem for him:
you will either have to return to base or continue the campaign with increased danger. At the same time, the loot bonus is very useful
to him and will push the person to play the game mechanics to get it.
For 7th night spent on 100% : 10% to the experience until the end of the week. Everything is simple here, you need to push the person to stay on the server, even if some part of his
fortifications fell. According to experience, it should be more profitable to die playing game mechanics, and get an experience gain of 10% for a week, than disconnect to save
yourself and remain without a bonus. I emphasize that there should be a bonus to the overall experience: if the server has 300% of the experience, then with the bonus will be 330%,
otherwise, this bonus will become useless on servers with a high XP ratio.

You can also do the opposite: instead of bonuses for the night spent, you can apply a debuff if player evaded the night.


5. Add a harvesting tool.


Iron: Does not damage blocks, does not remove sprouts, only harvests. The speed is about the same as with the fists.
Steel: Same as iron, but twice as fast.
Electric: Same, but need gasoline and has very high speed.
I do not insist, but it can be automatic: a scheme only from trait 4 level "Living of the Land" and need 10 fortitude. Can't be learned from books.
A farm plot with a height of 2 squares is created. It is a container with two cells: one for seeds and one for crops.
Requires electricity, gets 1 item from one plant. But without the participation of the player.
If the crop cell is full, it stops working. 

6. The awakened zombie awakens the others.


The zombie who sees the player lets out a scream. Why doesn't he wake up the others? The rest of the zombies must react to the noise.
When a zombie wakes up and screams, it wakes up the other zombies.
Zombies can wake up in a chain: the first woke up the second, he began to grumble and woke up the third.
The chain can be long. Uncomfortably long.
Sorry, kid, you woke up one of the zombies - you woke up the whole hive. Learn to survive.

P.S.: Some sleepers can be awaken only by the player. For example, a sleeper who should fall on the player's head from roof or
attack unexpectedly from around a corner.

7. Sleeping zombies walking on the trigger.


Walking zombies should appear in A20. This is a great idea. They must exist on a par with the sleeping ones.
I'll throw in another idea. A sleeping zombie that wakes up and starts walking on the trigger.
When the player enters a zone, the zombie wakes up and begins to move.
The zombie is not alarmed and does not see the player. But these zones can be inconvenient for the player.
Sneaked past the toilet without checking, and you hear the footsteps of a zombie coming from behind, which is about to notice the player
and will alarm everyone (see point 6). Or sneaking along a long corridor and at the same time a zombie comes out of the room in front.

What a strange coincidence... Either a good reaction (manage to escape / kill) or a pumped disguise will save you.
In general, switching between walking and sleeping is quite normal for a zombie. He can sleep, wake up
go to some secluded place and fall asleep there for a while. 


8. On normal nights, the base is too safe.


Zombies should gather around the base for the noise generated at the base at night.
When their number reaches a certain limit, they attack from all sides with a mini horde.
If you want peace, sit still.
If half the night was noisy, then cutting down a nearby tree or going to the river for water can turn
into big trouble.

9. Air conditioning and heater in the car.


I am sure that new modes for transport are being invented. Here's another idea: air conditioning and a heater.

Can only be installed in a car and a helicopter. They give great bonuses against the weather while the player is sitting in the vehicle. 


10. Hidden boxes.


Very useful for PVP servers. It looks like a Storage Box, but when you hover over it, the "Use Storage Box" label does not appear.
To open by player: you need to hover over him and press the Interact button twice.
For the enemy, there are possible options:
a. The simplest option, everyone who presses the Interact button twice in the right place gets access to the box, you guessed it, you are the winner. Tap the walls.
b. In order for the enemy to use the box, you must first break the lock, a normal press will not work and will not write anything. In general, it is not very different from the first option, hits will allow you to find the box. True, you can try to lose it on wooden elements, however, wood easily breaks even with a claim.
c. Hit points of the box can be equated with the hit points of a reinforced concrete block. This will make it very difficult to detect it. Naturally, for the production of such a box, you will need a lot of rare resources.


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