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Challenge: Minimalistic Base


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Hi there!

Usually I am pretty casual player when it comes to games. But since I already have nearly 800 hours on 7 days to die across various versions I decided that I want to try somehow different playstyle. And for that reason I came up with Minimalistic base challenge.

The rules are:
1.) Must be randomworld

2.) Inside rooms can only be 3x3 or less (which means that walls are 5x5)

3.) Underground can only be 3x3x3

4.) Walls can only be 2 blocks thick

5.) Defences (traps, ditch etc.) can only be in 12x12 blocks square around the base (quite unfortunate number that I picked for my rules. Feel free to adjust it to 11 or 13 :) )

6.) Underground room can be in whatever depth, but can only be connected through verticall tunnel. No horizontal offset.

7.) Mine can be made and connected with base. But no stations (including forges and chests) can be placed here.

8.) All stations must be build inside a base (excluding drop-off chests etc.).

9.) Farm can be build elsewhere but no bigger than 10x10 blocks and can be surrounded by walls with only 3 blocks in heigh.

10.) I have to be in the base for every hordenight. The challenge is over if majority of the base cannot survive any horde night.
11.) I forgot to mention this since I am not abusing any major-base-related glitches and exploits in my videos .. but base-related glitches and exploits should not be used during this challenge (e.g. zombie killing / falling corridors etc.).


I decided to give another try to making videos from 7 days to die as I always liked making videos for the fun of it. So you can check how I am doing in my own challenge as I am including link to the play list HERE!

Note: Feel free to change rules a little bit to your likings and skill level - especially if you are streaming, making videos of it or playing with friends .. :)

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